Some of my favorite webcomics

The Nameless

A pair of newcomers to a strange world decide to adapt to their new environment, or struggle to escape it. Neither option being quite what they expect.

California Magic

A tight-knit group of oddball adults bumble their way into the shady inner workings of their home city, which is filled with monsters and magic.

The Unluckies  

Do you like pirates and bounty hunters? Vampires and werewolves? Wrestlers and magical girls? Mermaids and zombies? Join the crew of the Misfortune for high seas action, adventure, drama, comedy, and romance!

The Shufflers

A web comic series about a surly Cartomancer that can manipulate the fate of his clients, and a drifting witch with the ability to teleport into his own private world of night and snowfall through his curtain cloth. This series revolves around their growing friendship, and their relationships with other mancers, witches, and non-magic folk in a neo-victorian inspired fantasy world.

Heroes of Thantopolis 

Heroes of Thantopolis is a fantasy action-adventure comic about Cyrus, a young boy who was transported to the titular City of the Dead under mysterious circumstances. The conniving queen of the realm, Helene, taps Cyrus as her Champion and enlists him to fight against three wicked ghosts interested in taking over the city, in exchange for sending Cyrus home and getting his memories back. Luckily, Cyrus doesn’t have to do it alone. Along with his new ghost friends, Cyrus explores the afterlife, fights bad guys and unravels mysteries. Can Cyrus save Thantopolis? And is it really that his arrival in the city was random? Or is there more to Cyrus than it seems…?

The Sea in You

Corinth was just trying to clean up the beach, she never expected to meet a mermaid, let alone be nearly drowned by one. It was the start of a very strange friendship.

Strawberry Seafoam 

Strawberry Seafoam is a magical girl story following Frasei, a shy young mermaid who attends the prestigious Delphic Academy to learn sea magic. But when she discovers a unique new power, she must use her gift to defeat the Phantom Ink, which is taking over the ocean.


Problem Child

Their worlds were lit on fire, and now the children remaining must learn to live in the ash.
Problem Child follows a family coping with trauma inherited from past generations. Stuck dealing with issues like self-worth, anxiety, depression, and mental illness, the Bailey family reaches for a brighter future, despite having nothing but darkness at their backs.